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The Joint Neurosciences Council (JNC) was founded in 2000. Its members are not individuals, but rather it is composed of member societies and associations working in the clinical neurosciences within the UK.  It seeks to promote the interest of the clinical neurosciences within the UK and to foster relationships between its members. It also acts as a forum for joint discussions with health departments in the UK (representatives can attend Council meetings as co-opted members) and seeks to encourage research and education in the clinical neurosciences.

Member societies and associations elect up to two members to serve on the JNC and from this a President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the Council. Together they comprise the Executive. The Council generally meets three times a year. From time to time ad hoc groups are convened to consider specific issues. Member societies and associations pay modest annual subscriptions to the JNC based upon their size.

The JNC seeks to be inclusive and welcomes applications for membership from societies and associations that make a significant contribution to the clinical neurosciences. Applications are considered at the next Council meeting by a majority vote. If your society or association is interested in joining please e-mail the Secretary.

The JNC has recently developed a distance learning course which aims to cover the whole of the clinical neurosciences. Further details are available by following the link on this web-site.


To promote the interests of the Clinical Neurosciences within the UK. To foster relationships between the Clinical Neuroscience...


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